Live Free

Our Mission

Here at Live Free, we aim to reach a world where financial literacy – and financial freedom – are accessible to everyone. Regardless of who they are.

On top of advocating for better education in schools, we offer financial education services, as well as in-person campaigns, in the hopes of giving children the head-start they need in life. Our education prioritizes basic concepts that kids can build upon, such as smart spending and saving. This helps establish solid foundations – acting as building blocks to familial wealth.

Meet The Team

Neil  Pauddar


I am a Computer Science Major at The University of Texas at Dallas. I'm passionate about helping my community - and hope that Live Free can make a lasting impact on our peers. Ask me about cybersecurity, and how our financial lives are changing daily to adapt to security threats and advances!

Alec Alarakhia


 I'm currently a pre-medical student at the University of Texas at Dallas with a minor in finance.  With Live Free, I aim to improve the financial education provided in grade school and better prepare our youth for the outside world.  In an increasingly competitive and tight monetary environment, these skills are crucial as every dollar counts.